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Streamline your hiring process: find local talent, gain insights, and eliminate candidate fatigue with Peple


Effortlessly remove the hiring chaos

Our system is designed to cut through the noise in the hiring process. We connect you with active, local, and highly interested job seekers, all while providing personalized recommendations for your open positions. With living profiles and applications, you can quickly find the right candidates and avoid wasting time on those no longer seeking opportunities.

Active job seekers
Our platform connects you with active job seekers in your local area or remote who are highly interested in your opportunities. Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant applications—find the perfect fit for your team faster than ever before.
Job seeker recommendations
Receive exceptional job seeker recommendations for your open positions and take the initiative—reach out to candidates directly, just like a recruiter would. Stop waiting for applications and connect with top talent immediately.
Dynamic profiles
Don't rely on outdated information. With our platform, you can always access the most current job seeker details. Our up-to-date profiles ensure you have the latest information, helping you make informed decisions and connect with the best candidates.
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Shortening timelines

Take your hiring from weeks to days

Peple accelerates the hiring process by offering more than just job posts. Our platform allows you to directly reach out to candidates without the hassle of overflowing emails. With streamlined candidate processing and timeline tracking, you can easily manage your hiring needs. We highlight the best-fit candidates and gather interest for future positions, ensuring you always have a talent pool ready.

Candidate discovery
Don't just wait for candidates to apply—actively search for job seekers who are currently looking for opportunities, just like top recruiters do. Effortlessly discover candidates based on their skills and experiences, ensuring you find the right fit quickly and efficiently.
Collect Interest
No open opportunities at the moment? No problem! You can still gather interest from job seekers eager to join your team. Proactively build a pipeline of talented candidates who are excited about your business, allowing you to find and review exceptional talent whenever the need arises. This way, you'll always be ready to fill positions quickly with the best possible candidates.
End candidate fatigue

Find the best candidate, quickly.

Our system effectively combats candidate fatigue by promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring a fair and unbiased hiring process. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we help job seekers uncover their in-demand skills, making it easier for them to shine. This not only reduces bias but also streamlines the search for the best candidates, creating a more efficient and satisfying experience for both employers and job seekers.

Reduce bias
Reducing bias and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential for achieving better outcomes in any organization. Diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives, fostering innovation and improving problem-solving. By ensuring equitable opportunities, companies can attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds, enhancing overall performance and employee satisfaction. Our system is designed to reduce bias and promote DEI, helping you build a more inclusive workforce that drives success and reflects the diverse world we live in.
Skills discovery
Our platform helps job seekers uncover their skills, particularly those in high demand, to assist you in finding the best talent faster. This ensures that the most qualified candidates are matched with your open positions, streamlining the hiring process and improving outcomes for both employers and job seekers.


Here's some answers to help you get started on your journey with us!
Why is there a waitlist?
Since our launch, more than 30,000 users have benefited from our platform. We're currently revamping it with new and exciting tools that we're eager for you to try. Join our waitlist to stay updated on the latest developments and be among the first to experience these incredible new features.
Is there a fee to use Peple?
We offer both free and paid options to help you hire faster. Our goal is to make all our services affordable and accessible to everyone, ensuring you can find the best talent without breaking the bank.
Can job seekers message me?
Job seekers cannot initiate a conversation with you. However, as an employer, you have the ability to reach out to job seekers and start a conversation. If they have questions about the position, they can include those inquiries as part of their application process.
What if I fill the position that I've create on Peple?
If you fill the position you've created on Peple, you can unpublish your job at any time. You'll still have access to the job dashboard and all applicants whenever you need, allowing you to manage and review past candidates with ease.
Does Peple use AI?
Absolutely! At Peple, we harness the power of AI, seamlessly integrating it into our platform. Just as you interact with a button or a search bar, our AI technology enhances your experience in a natural and intuitive way.

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Join our waitlist to stay updated on the latest developments and be among the first to experience these incredible new features.

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